Fisknat "Stream" - Carbon Fiber Landing Net

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Fisknat "Stream" - Carbon Fiber Landing Net

These Fisknat Carbon nets are the modern compiment to the Fisknat wooden nets.  Like their wooden counterparts, the Carbon nets have been well received.

This is the carbon version of Fisknat's fine wood nets. The Stream has a rounded tip of the beam, on the head of the net. Recommended for wading and netting small to medium trout.

The new carbon fiber hand nets have a slightly larger handle, when compared to the classic Fisknat wooden nets. The slightly wider handle does stay in position when reaching for a fish, or your hat on a windy day.

Fisknat "Stream" - Carbon Fiber

Overall: 24"

Bow: 7" x 16"

Handle: 8"


Fisknat "Stream"

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