Tying Trout Bugs

Two sessions: $75
Dates: See Calendar
Instructor: Avid Angler Staff
Register: Email or call the shop at 206-362-4030

Let's get tiny! Well, not Colorado tailwater tiny, but at least small enough to imitate the insects in our local trout waters. Have you ever wondered what that bug flitting about on the Cedar was last summer? Or what that thing that landed on your neck on the Yakima last year was? Well, the trout know, and this class will teach you how to imitate some of our most prolific local insects. Experience the incredibly cool feeling of tricking a fish into eating your creation - a custom-made forgery!

Emphasis will be placed on proportion, entomology, color and realistic dressing of the hook. We will cover both nymphs and dries, as well as explore techniques you can use on the water to create your own fool-proof imitations. Patterns tied in the class include:

• Pheasant tail/hare's ear
• Pat's Rubber legged stone
• Sparkle PMD Emerger
• Parachute Adams
• Stimulator
• Improved Lama

Other patters will be explored as time allows. Intermediate tying skill are assumed, and don't be afraid to bring magnifiers. Materials (except for fly tying thread) will be provided, while the participants are expected to provide their own tools.

Please call the shop to register - 206-362-4030