Spey School with Brian Styskal


When - See Calendar
Where - Email for location and more details

This class has a maximum of four students per session, so you will always get ample time with the instructor(s). We teach the three most important two-handed casts: the single spey, double spey and snake roll. If you are just starting out, we recommend the single spey and double spey, or just focus on the single spey. Your instructor, Brian Styskal, gives you the right amount of feedback and wants you to succeed!

9-1030am Single Spey
11am-1230pm Double Spey
1-3pm Snake Roll
Cost: $275

Instructor: Brian Styskal
What to Bring: Two-handed rod, waders & boots, (Fishing license not required)
Register: [email protected], or call the shop at 206-362-4030

From Brian, "My approach to teaching Spey casting is really quite simple. Everything starts with a foundation of the basic principles. I'm building on principles that are hundreds of years old which fit perfectly into modern two handed casting. I tend to stay away from teaching particular casting styles and focus on teaching solid technique that will work with any rod or line a student will cast. By focusing on solid technique with touch and go casts it's easy for the student to transition in to sustained anchor casts and use them to their advantage."

I have always believed that the most versatile caster has the greatest potential in finding salmon and steelhead in a river environment. Being able to adjust to the conditions that we are given is what puts the odds in our favor as anglers. As an instructor my goal is to give the student the tools they will need to become a more successful angler, and the ability to use a wide verity of different lines and rods on all rivers. Let's never forget, learning to cast well as an angler is the one thing we can all achieve with a little practice. It will pay huge dividends when you make that perfect cast and it was thoughtless as your enjoying being immersed in a beautiful place."

For more information, or to register, contact The Avid Angler: 206-362-4030 or [email protected]