Dry Falls / Rocky Ford, WA

The many weedy shoals in Dry Falls make this lake in north central Washington tremendously productive. It sometimes has an early opener, another plus.

While this lake can produce fishing days you will never forget on 18- to 19-inch trout, it can often be very difficult, especially early in the seasons before the hatches develop. Early, try chironomid patterns along the rock walls. Many fish cruise these areas for bugs. Historical note: The 400-foot rock face here was once a giant falls during catastropic flooding in the last ice age. Often a great chironomid hatch at dusk. Key fly: Size 14 chironomid, gray with red stripe.

Rocky Ford is the state's only public spring creek and is located adjacent to a trout hatchery which keeps it filled with some nice fish. Very crowded, even during the worst days of winter.

The key to this lake is often to go to the extremes. Use some of the smallest patterns (18s, 20s, 22s) for olive scuds, leeches, mayfly nymphs etc. or the biggest, such as giant rabbit strip leechs stripped as fast as you can.