Salmon (Coho, Chum, Pink)

Salmon (Coho, Chum & Pink)

Full day saltwater wade trips available, or river float trips. For 1 to 3 anglers.
Includes: snacks, beverages, flies, leader and tippet.
Demo gear is available for all our trout, salmon and steelhead trips.

Fly fishing for Pacific Salmon has increased in popularity over the past 10 years, in part due to uncertain runs of steelhead available in our rivers. All of the rivers in the state have one or other of the 5 species of Pacific Salmon, but ultimately the best fishing to be had for salmon in this state takes place in the saltwater before the fish run their freshwater river of origin.

Coho salmon (or silvers) are the most sought after salmon by fly rod anglers. These fish exist in two forms in Puget Sound. There is a population of resident fish that range anywhere from 10" to 5 pounds depending on the location and time of year. The largest resident silvers can be caught in good numbers off of our local beaches from mid July into September. Larger wild fish return a bit later in the early fall and average 6 to 12 pounds. These are great fly rod fish and they take baitfish flies well right off the beach when the tides are right.

Pink salmon (or humpies) run every other odd year and generally provide outstanding fishing in both the salt and the rivers. August and early September are the best times to target these fish and early mornings at key locations will often find hundreds of fishing surrounding a few lucky anglers. River fishing for pinks can be excellent early in the run, but it doesn't last long as the fish turn nasty the closer they get to spawning.

Chum salmon are available every winter in November and the fishing can be excellent in the Sound, Hood Canal and in the rivers. These fish school up before running their freshwater stream of origin and small green and fuschia flies will generally produce fish. Once the fish run the rivers, they stack up in riffles and pools and a swing/dead drifted fly will entice to the fish to strike out of aggression.

Chinook salmon (blackmouth) are less available to the beach angler, but in certain years (2007 being one of them) these large Pacific Salmon are caught with enough regularity to make it worthwhile to fish for them. Once hooked, these fish are definitely in control and heavy leaders and a larger rod are the order of the day. Anglers will often be fishing in schools of coho when the unsuspecting giant of the Sound latches on to their imitation.

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