SALTWATER FLY TYING - Proven Baitfish Techniques of the Puget & Pacific

Chris, his son and Avid Angler guide Donte Quinine on a day off in the Puget Sound.

SALTWATER FLY TYING - Proven Baitfish Techniques of the Puget & Pacific

Price: $125 per person, 4-5 hours (over 2 sessions)
Dates: August 6th & 8th, 2019, 630 pm till 830 pm
Instructor: Chris West
Register: Email or call the shop at 206-362-4030

Summer salmon season is right around the corner! If you're serious about maximizing your saltwater success in all points between Alaska, Puget Sound, and even Mexico attend this course. Chris will boil down his 20 years of extensive saltwater experience to focus on must-have baitfish patterns/techniques that will effectively help round-out your fly box and ensure for improved fly fishing success.

These sessions will have a special emphasis on fly tying for the salmonids of Puget Sound and Vancouver Island fisheries. However, topics can also include pelagic species in warmer equatorial zones where all styles and patters can also be applied. Expect to attend an interactive course aimed at your ability to selectively tie and choose ideal fly patterns for ever-changing water, light, and seasonal conditions in your favorite destinations. Beach and boat fishing techniques will also be discussed. The following patterns and topics may be covered, but are not limited to:

Ageless Flies Using Standard Epoxy
Tying Skinny (i.e. Sand Lance)
Tying for Bulk (i.e. Herring and Sardines)
West’s Clouser
Tube Flies
Canadian Bucktails

Materials (except fly tying thread or mono) will be provided, while the participants are expected to provide their own tools and devices.

About the instructor:
Chris West has been guiding and tying saltwater flies for guests in the Puget and Pacific fisheries since 1998. He is especially fond of his countless trips on the west coast of Vancouver Island and has been featured as a saltwater fly tier by Umpqua Feather Merchants, Solitude Fly Company, and in Les Johnson’s Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon II.

Flies ready to come off the turner.

Chris and wife Heidi with a very nice BC coho.