Flies We Stock


We carry a full assortment of flies

From Umpqua, Solitude, Spirit River, Montana Fly Company, Pacific Fly Group and some custom ties by area tyers, and it varies seasonally based on what's happening in our waters.

We only stock high-quality flies for a couple reasons. The flies are consistently tied with all the correct steps, and the proportions and overall look of the fly is spot on. The hooks are true to size, sharp, and durable, especially important characteristics when chasing large game and saltwater species. The materials used are high quality and behave as the fly designer intended. Durability is definitely a factor, and you should expect the flies you find in our shop to last through a few fish.


  • Trout Flies – $2.79 per fly
  • Steelhead Flies – $3.49 per fly
  • Saltwater Flies – $3.49 per fly
  • Flatwing Streamers – $10.95 per fly
  • Bass Poppers & Streamers –$4.19 per fly
  • Contact us for a quote for custom flies


Need some advice on how or where to fish a particular pattern? That's all free of charge!