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"S" River Bull Trout - December 2022


We get reports on a daily basis. For the latest information, please call us. Reports are from our guides, customers and industry professionals. We also offer predictions based on available data (i.e. flows, weather, historical run timing).

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Olympic Peninsula

12/16/2022; Steelhead fishing is ramping up on the Olympic peninsula and should continue to improve in the coming weeks. Those who are willing to put in the time and effort can be rewarded with some stunning, fresh from the salt, winter steelhead. We have been hearing of some fish on multiple river systems and there have been some very nice quality fish already caught this year. Anglers looking to plan a trip out to the Olympic Peninsula for steelhead should be watching the rain forecast and head out as the river levels are dropping. Remember to use knotless nets, especially if you are handling a native fish, and keep them wet and in the water to help aid in a successful release.

Take a look at the flows Here:NWRFC

The Olympic peninsula offers the finest Steelheading in the State of Washington.  The Sol Duc, Hoh, Queets and many more rivers have become the benchmark for Winter Steelheading and these productive fisheries should be on every fly fishers bucket list.  Seasons are based on numbers of returning salmon and steelhead so please check local regulations.  Call us to if you need assistance, and check out the WDFW website for rule updates and to sign up for email updates.

Yakima River

12/16/2022; The Yakima River has been fishing well considering the cold weather. Those who are going to fish the river should focus their energy of slower and deeper sections of water and make sure you are getting your flies down to the fish. Those who like streamer fishing will excel this time of the year with a sinking tip line and a handful of streamer patterns. Try a Skulpzilla or weighted bugger. You can also be very effective fishing larger stonefly nymphs and worm flies underneath an indicator. Afternoons will fish better than mornings since the water will warm up as the day continues. This is a good thing for folks from the west side of the mountains as you can take your time getting across the pass and not miss out on any good fishing.

Open year round for trout fishing. Wade fishing is best in the spring and fall as the flows are down. Summer irrigation demands creates an advantage to anglers that float the river. Our guides are safe and know the river, and its fish.About the Yakima River

Dry Falls/Rocky Ford

12/16/2022; Rocky Ford has been fishing exceptionally well this winter and I imagine it will continue too well into spring. Those looking to get into some aggressive fish and feel the grab can expect to hook some fish casting and stripping large streamer patterns. Dolly Llamas, buggers, and zonker style flies in variations of white, olive, and black are going to fish well. Those who don’t want to cast streamers can find slow down and fish a variety of scuds, midge, small baetis nymphs, as well as smaller emergers and dries. Think small on a lot of these flies, anything from a 16 to a size 24. It helps to have some small strike indicators when fishing these flies around the wary trout, we prefer the Palsa Indicators for the natural landing and natural presentation.

Check back in spring for Dry Falls report.

Call the shop for a more refined report.

South Puget Sound

12/16/2022; The Cutthroat fishing has been hit and miss but those who are lucky enough to find some fish are being rewarded with some nice size fish this year. They are definitely starting to slow down eating many baitfish though a candlefish pattern isn’t a bad idea for searching for some fish. The majority of the fish are going to be pretty keyed in on krill and Euphasids during the colder months and can make for good fishing. Keep an eye out for fish sipping on krill near the shorelines, these fish can be taken on floating krill patterns and small gurglers. When there aren’t fish shallow it’s a good idea to put on a sinking krill patterns and fish it very slowly on longer casts to search for fish. Small Crazy Charlies in white seem to be a good imitation for these small crustaceans

Primary fly caught species - resident Coho salmon, sea-run cutthroat. The south sound fishes best in the spring and summer as fish are leaving or staging near their natal streams. About Fly Fishing the Puget Sound

Seattle Area Beaches

12/16/2022; Most fish are going to be up in our river systems so fishing these beaches right now will be very slow. We should see more fish moving around on our local beaches come mid to late spring.

Local beaches offer good access to salmon and sea-run cutthroat. These local beaches offer a wonderful year round fly fishing opportunity for both the local and visiting angler.  These fisheries are our specialty and we take great pride in our knowledge and experience with regard to this fishery. About Fly Fishing the Puget Sound

Basin Lakes

04/25/22; Reports have been trickling in from basin lakes, as anglers are finding a mixed bag of activity. Fish callibaetis imitations (hare's ears subsurface is a good bet), immature damsels along with micro leech patterns in brown or bruised/maroon. Always check the wind conditions before heading over to fish these lakes, as they are very exposed.  It's "go time!" Please check the current fishing regulations with regard to your lake of choice.

The "cream" of Washington State trout fly fishing.  These central Washington lakes offer exciting fishing for large Rainbow and Brown trout with some Cutthroats thrown in.  A few of these lakes open in March with the rest opening in April and can offer some excellent fishing.

Snoqualmie River

OPENS last weekend in May below Snoqualmie Falls. Open year-round above the falls.
08/01/2022; August through October are favorite months to fish the upper forks. The flows are wadeable and the fish are eager to take attractor dries. Drift small Stimulators, Parachute Adams, or bee patterns through the pocket water or take a trip back in time and knot on a Yellow Humpy. Wet wading is a good option in the summer temps but bring your wading boots, those granite rocks are slippery. Now is the time to grab your favorite 3-weight and head for North Bend, Seattle’s beautiful back yard.

Download the WDFW app or visit website to receive email updates on rule changes.

Above Snoqualmie Falls - Rainbow and Cutthroat trout. Check with the shop for details on wadeable river levels, hatches, classes and guided trips on the Snoqualmie River. About Snoqualmie River

Ballinger Lake
Spring 2022 on Lake Ballinger

Skagit River

12/16/2022; There’s been an ok number of Bull Trout and Dolly Varden being caught by both swinging and stripping flies. Steelhead encounters are rare but can happen so if you hook one make sure to take care of them and keep them in the water. Bull trout patterns to consider are things like large dolly llamas, hobo spey, foxy dog, and various larger sculpin and baitfish patterns. Look for the bulls in steelhead type water as well as back channels and eddies where they can seek cover and hunt for food. Make sure to bring at least a 6 or 7 weight rod and a selection of sink tips to get your fly down and in front of the fish.

Species: Steelhead, salmon, sea-run cutthroat. Typically open June through January. Seasons may change at any time. Check the WDFW website to receive email updates on rule changes. About the Skagit River

Skykomish River

12/16/2022; The Skykomish steelhead run is in full swing and will continue to improve until mid January. The hatchery fish are of very nice size this year, with multiple fish being taken that were above 12 pounds, and there have been a few nice wild fish landed as well. As with all steelhead and salmon fishing keep on the lookout for rain in the forecast as this will push more fresh fish into the river system. The hatchery fish in the sky are not notoriously grabby toward a swung fly but if you put the time in you will find a few that are willing to play. Smaller patterns have done well in the past for these fish. Hobo spey patterns, egg sucking leech, and some more traditional flies can work very effectively. It’s a good idea to bring a variety of sink tips with you if you are going to brave the cold for these special fish to assure your flies are getting down in front of these cold and sluggish fish. Bring some gloves! We have some new Simms wool options in stock!

Species: Steelhead, salmon, sea-run cutthroat. Typically open June through January. Seasons may change at any time. About the Skykomish River

Stillaguamish River

The Stillaguamish is always a rewarding place to fish, regardless of fish numbers. Reports have been scattered but you're always one grab away from an epic day. Swing a dark fly through your favorite run and connect with a Pacific Northwest legacy.

Species: Steelhead, salmon, sea-run cutthroat. Typically open June through January. Seasons may change at any time. Check the WDFW website to receive email updates on rule changes. About the Stillaguamish River

Sauk River

12/16/2022; The Sauk has been putting out some decent bull trout and should start to see a few wild steelhead returning in the coming weeks. For the bull trout I would suggest either a single hand 7 weight or a 6 or 7 weight spey rod matched up with sink tips and some large streamers. Look for these fish in slower water and back eddies as well as in your classic steelhead water. Remember to keep those beautiful fish in the water while releasing.

See the above report on the skagit.

Species: Steelhead, salmon, sea-run cutthroat. Typically open June through January. Seasons may change at any time. Check the WDFW website to receive email updates on rule changes. About the Sauk River

Cedar River

OPENS last weekend in May

Open June through August for trout. This fishery is in the city! Hard fighting rainbow and cutthroat inhabit this urban fishery read about it here: . Ample access along Maple Valley highway above and below Hwy 18. The Cedar is closed to fishing above the Landsburg Bridge. Streamers and very effective, along with nymphing and dryflies. The shop can show you where to access and what bugs are working best.About the Cedar River

Kitsap Peninsula/Whidbey Island

In the spring, sea-run cutthroat, bull trout and millions of salmon smolt spill out of the S Rivers. The north sound fishes best in the mid-summer through the fall, when baitfish bring salmon and cutthroat to the shallows to feed.

Lone/Pass Lakes

01/20/2022; The Pass Lake launch ramp is open and the fishing has been good. Try stripping streamers or hanging a chironomid below an indicator. Beware of the nesting eagles who will steal your trout if you play it too long.
04/25/2022; Lone Lake has been on the slow side, as anglers put lots of pressure on this shallow lake in the winter and early spring. Try micro leeches stripped very slow in olive and brown. Chironomids under and indicator roughly 6 feet down can be effective as well. Pass Lake has been fishing well (see note below for access issues). Try trolling classic woolly buggers in black, but also in white. Chironomids in tan are always a good option, as that is the dominant species in the lake. And don't forget about the abundant crawfish in the lake; make sure to fish large olive/brown streamers to imitate this large meal.

Pass Lake is still suffering from the lack of a parking lot. Very limited roadside parking, and bring the tube or frame-less boat, as you cannot launch a trailer at this point..

Tsiu River 2022

August '22 SE Alaska - Coho Salmon