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Cedar River
July 2020 on the Cedar.


We get reports on a daily basis. For the latest information, please call us. Reports are from our guides, customers and industry professionals. We also offer predictions based on available data (i.e. flows, weather, historical run timing).

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Olympic Peninsula

03/05/21; It's been a tough year on the OP to the point where most of it has recently been closed.  If you still want to head out there please check the current WDFW for the most current conditions to make sure you are in compliance.

Take a look at the flows Here:NWRFC

The Olympic peninsula offers the finest Steelheading in the State of Washington.  The Sol Duc, Hoh, Queets and many more rivers have become the benchmark for Winter Steelheading and these productive fisheries should be on every fly fishers bucket list.

Yakima River

03/05/2021;  Spring has come early to the Yakima and the Skawla hatch is in full swing.  Like all stonefly hatches, one's success is dependent on many factors such as water and air temps.  Hit it right and and this hatch can offer some superb early season dry fly fishing for some of the river's larger Rainbows and Cutthroats.  As fun as throwing dries can be, nymphing is still the  "go to" option for the most consistant fishing.  Don't forget the streamers as well.  If the weather cooperates with some cloudy rainy/snowy conditions be on the look out for some BWO's as well.  Focus on the slow edges looking for trout noses feeding on these tiny mayflies.  Don't forget to check weather conditions before heading over especially the pass report.

Open year round for trout fishing. Wade fishing is best in the spring and fall as the flows are down. Summer irrigation demands creates an advantage to anglers that float the river. Our guides are safe and know the river, and its fish.About the Yakima River

Dry Falls/Rocky Ford

03/05/2021;  The Ford is a steady option this time of the year.  It's a long drive from the westside so plan accordingly.  Day in and out, an #12 olive scud should be the best option but any small nymph at times will work.  Don't forget the "worm" as well.  Like the Yak, be on the lookout for BWO's in the faster moving sections and always have a streamer at the ready if things slow down.

Call the shop for a more refined report.

South Puget Sound

03/06/2021;  The South Sound and Hood Canal are the waters of choice at this tiem of the year.  Both Sea Runs and resident Coho are the targets.  Try both ends of the Tacoma Narrows area as well as the old standby Purdy.  You don't need a ton of flies.  Just take some basics and a good attitude and you will have a great time!

Primary fly caught species - resident Coho salmon, sea-run cutthroat. The south sound fishes best in the spring and summer as fish are leaving or staging near their natal streams. About Fly Fishing the Puget Sound

Seattle Area Beaches

03/06/2021; Things are slow out there but its close and convinient so give one of the local beaches a shot.  Think Meadowdale, Lincoln Park, Carkeek or Golden Gardens and who knows what your adventures will find on the end of your line.  Look on the bright side.  Its only going to get better from now!

Local beaches offer good access to salmon and sea-run cutthroat. These local beaches offer a wonderful year round fly fishing opportunity for both the local and visiting angler.  These fisheries are our specialty and we take great pride in our knowledge and experience with regard to this fishery. About Fly Fishing the Puget Sound

Basin Lakes

03/6/2021; Some of the basin lakes like Lenice and Nunnaly have opened and should be ice free.  Don't forget the chironomids and leeches and you should have a great time!  Always check the wind conditions before heading out but it should be a great early start to the lake season.  It's "go time!" Please check the current fishing regulations with regard to your lake of choice.

The "cream" of Washington State trout fly fishing.  These central Washington lakes offer exciting fishing for large Rainbow and Brown trout with some Cutthroats thrown in.  A few of these lakes open in March with the rest opening in April and can offer some excellent fishing.

Small Streams

03/06/2021; CLOSED

Give us a shout and we would be happy to give you our thoughts and suggestions.

Snoqualmie River

03/06/2021; CLOSED

DFW website to receive email updates on rule changes.

Above Snoqualmie Falls - Rainbow and Cutthroat trout. Check with the shop for details on wadeable river levels, hatches, classes and guided trips on the Snoqualmie River.About Snoqualmie River

Skagit River

03/06/2021;  The Skagit/Sauk system is the premier Puget Sound Steelhead rivers.  Open this year through April 15, this is your best opportunity to catch these prized wild Steelhead.  Reports have been decent with some beautiful fish caught.  Tie up some of your Winter favorites and get out there before the season ends.  In reality, treat everyone of these opportunities as if it might be the last ime its open because thats a real possibility.  Remember the river is open Saturday though Tuesday only.

Species: Steelhead, salmon, sea-run cutthroat. Typically open June through January. Seasons may change at any time. Check the WDFW website to receive email updates on rule changes. About the Skagit River

Skykomish River

03/06/2021; CLOSED   

Species: Steelhead, salmon, sea-run cutthroat. Typically open June through January. 6Seasons may change at any time. About the Skykomish River

Stillaguamish River

03/06/2021; CLOSED

Species: Steelhead, salmon, sea-run cutthroat. Typically open June through January. Seasons may change at any time. Check the WDFW website to receive email updates on rule changes. About the Stillaguamish River

Sauk River

03/06/2021; See the above report on the skagit.

Species: Steelhead, salmon, sea-run cutthroat. Typically open June through January. Seasons may change at any time. Check the WDFW website to receive email updates on rule changes. About the Sauk River

Cedar River

03/06/2021; CLOSED

Open June through August for trout. This fishery is in the city! Hard fighting rainbow and cutthroat inhabit this urban fishery read about it here: . Ample access along Maple Valley highway above and below Hwy 18. The Cedar is closed to fishing above the Landsburg Bridge. Streamers and very effective, along with nymphing and dryflies. The shop can show you where to access and what bugs are working best.About the Cedar River

Kitsap Peninsula/Whidbey Island

In the spring, sea-run cutthroat, bull trout and millions of salmon smolt spill out of the S Rivers. The north sound fishes best in the mid-summer through the fall, when baitfish bring salmon and cutthroat to the shallows to feed.

Lone/Pass Lakes

03/06/2021; The two westside premier fly fishing lakes have been fishing OK.  They both need a few more days of sunshine to warm things up a bit.  When that happens.....hang on!  Get the chironomid boxes filled up and head out to these jewels.


Due to high water temperatures Pass and Lone should not be fished until the Fall.