Brita Fordice - Fly Design | Fishing Tales | Tying Demo

Brita tying flies on a saltwater fly fishing destination trip.

FLY TYING DESIGN & DEMO with Brita Fordice


Price: $25 per person
Dates: Saturday, June 3rd
Time: 3pm till 6pm
Presenter: Brita Fordice
Register: Click Here

Join Brita on Saturday afternoon for a fly tying and fly fishing seminar.  As a fly designer, Brita will also discuss the process of designing a fly for fun, fishing or commercially.  The flies that spin off Brita's vise are some of the most creative on the market.  Hope you can join us!

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Price: $125 per person
Dates: Dates TBD
Time: 9 am till noon
Tying Instructor: Brita Fordice
Register: Email or call the shop at 206-362-4030


We are excited to announce the return of Brita Fordice to the Avid Angler as part of our guest fly tyer program! As many of you know, Brita is one of the finest saltwater and freshwater fly tiers around and has recently shared her knowledge with Rio Flies in establishing their commercial fly tying program.

In this course, Brita will be tying many of her beautiful and effective “match the hatch” patterns such as:

-Stillwater Dragons, Freshwater Sculpin, Flat Wing Sculpin, Peanut Bunker, Red Belly Dace Flatwing, Jersey Turnpike, Big Squid Fly and the GT Flatwing

These patterns have proven to be effective not only here locally but in tropical salt water locations as well. The tying instruction for each fly will also include fishing techniques that have proven successful from Whidbey Island salmon to the saltwater flats of Florida.

Big Squid Fly

This class will increase your overall fly tying skills greatly and enhance your knowledge and use of some of the “coolest” new materials and techniques for utilizing them. Happy tying!


Brita's large saltwater baitfish with Loon Products UV head and Flymen Fishing Living Eyes.



Red Belly Dace baitfish and imitation

Brita with a nice Puget Sound coho salmon.