Custom Flies

Have a pattern in mind you can't find in our bins?

Maybe it's the leech pattern that was the most effective fly on the lake last year, or something you saw in a magazine?

Our staff is made up of expert tyers. We all have our preferred styles and specific backgrounds, but it's a safe bet that if you have a custom pattern and you'd like a dozen or two for an upcoming trip, we can tie it for you.

Pricing depends on the fly and the complexity. Simple flies like a BWO emerger or a rabbit-strip streamer are going to be pretty close to our standard fly prices (see below), and patterns which require a lot of steps or specialized techniques and materials will be more expensive. You buy the materials and hooks, and after the flies are tied, any leftover materials are yours.

We'd ask that you bring in a sample of the fly if you have it - that is the best way to get an exact match. We will work out the details with our staff based on particular tying skills.