Custom Flies


Have a pattern in mind you can't find in our bins?

Maybe it's the leech pattern that was the most effective fly on the lake last year, or something you saw in a magazine?

Our staff is made up of expert tyers. We all have our preferred styles and specific backgrounds, but it's a safe bet that if you have a custom pattern and you'd like a dozen or two for an upcoming trip, we can tie it for you.

Pricing depends on the fly and the complexity. Simple flies like a rabbit-strip streamer are going to be 1.5x - 2.0x the price of our standard fly prices, and patterns which require a lot of steps or specialized techniques and materials will be more expensive.

We'd ask that you bring in a sample of the fly if you have it - that is the best way to get an exact match. We will work out the details with our staff based on particular tying skills.

Give us a call to discuss or send us photos so we can get started with a quote.  

[email protected] or (206) 362-4030