Tying for Bass & Panfish

Lk Washington smallmouth, photo courtesy Chris Senyohl, Intrepid Anglers.

"How to Tie and Fish Flies for Bass and Panfish" — the Fishes We Fly Fishers Have Everywhere and Ignore
with Skip Morris

April 27th, 2019
9 am - 3 pm*
8 total
$95 per tyer
Register: Email or call the shop at 206-362-4030

Materials and take-home materials included,
Cookies, drinks, coffee included

*Lunch break at 1130 am - bring lunch or purchase onsite. Good restaurants and bar and grill upstairs.

Washington State is Lake Central—we have lakes all around us—and most of them grow lots of chunky hard-fishing largemouth and trophy smallmouth bass. Our lakes also grow panfishes, such as bluegills and crappies—fun, abundant, scrappy. After the trout in our lakes quiet down in summer’s heat, these warm-water-loving species come alive; learn to fish for them and your fishing opportunities blossom.

Skip Morris (author of The Art of Tying the Bass Fly) who’ll be the instructor-at-your-side helping you tie deadly flies or these overlooked fishes. You’ll learn the Dave’s Eelworm Streamer, the Predator (a super-popular foam fly for panfish and bass—and trout), and you’ll learn to spin deer hair and sculpt it into a bass bug.

Come tie top bass and panfish flies with a bass-and-panfish expert, and then learn how, where, and when to fish those flies for these wonderful sport-fish waiting just down the road.

You’ll get a handout with the fly dressings and information on how, when, and where to fish bass and pan-fish flies. You’ll also leave with a fly Skip tied.

Skip is the author of 18 fly-fishing books, seven specifically on tying flies, and over 300 articles in the fly-fishing magazines.

The number of attendees is limited—call the shop now to reserve your spot.

Pretty bluegill on the fly!

Nice fly caught largemouth.

Author Skip Morris