Skip Morris Trout Lakes & Sea-Run Presentation

Skip having fun!

"Tying and Fishing Flies for Trout Lakes" A hands-on fly-tying clinic with author Skip Morris

Oct 6th
9 am - 3 pm*
8 total
$125 pp
Register: Email or call the shop at 206-362-4030

Materials and take-home materials included,
Cookies, drinks, coffee included

*Lunch break at 1130 am - bring lunch or purchase onsite. Good restaurants and bar and grill upstairs.

You'll get a handout with the patterns for all the flies you'll tie with Skip along with some other excellent trout-lake flies, and you'll leave with a fly Skip tied himself. Over the course of the workshop, Skip will tie along with you and come around to help you with any problems you encounter and offer ideas. Skip, co-author (with Brian Chan) of Morris & Chan on Fly Fishing Trout Lakes and 17 other fly-fishing and fly-tying books, is an easygoing chap who likes to share what he's learned over several decades of tying and fishing, and wants to have fun doing it--this will be an entertaining day.

You'll learn to tie some great lake flies--and you'll learn how to fish them. Skip will show PowerPoint slides of the insect or creature each fly imitates and educate you about its importance, it's hatch time and style, and how, where, and when to imitate it. A great day of fun and learning with a fly-tying legend. This workshop is limited to only a few attendees, so sign up right away to reserve your spot.

Skip's Furry Dragon ... deadly pattern!

Morris Emerger, Callibaetis

Get a closer look into Skip's "go-to patterns."

Healthy salty sea-run

Salmon and sea-runs cutts on the beaches
a presentation by Skip Morris

Price: $35 per person
Dates: October 5th, 6pm
Instructor: Skip Morris
What to bring: Notepad!
Register: Email or call the shop at 206-362-4030

Skip has lived and fly fished in the Pacific Northwest his entire life (during which time he's written 17 fly-fishing and fly-tying books published by Stackpole, Frank Amato, and Nick Lyons Books), and among the fish he's pursued most and loves best are the sea-run cutthroat and salmon of our Washington beaches.

In this 50-minute show, and Q &A, Skip will teach you about the mysterious sea-run cuts that haunts our beaches and estuaries--the flies, the techniques, the tides, the patterns of behavior--and do the same for salmon.

This'll be an entertaining show that bounces from Washington to BC to Oregon to Alaska--nearly the entire native range pf the sea-run and most of the native range of the silver salmon.

Come in, relax, learn, and enjoy the show!
$35 entry fee, refreshments included

email or call to reserve your spot,

Author Skip Morris

Saltwater salmon to the beach