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Airflo Scandi Long

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Powerful, Long-Distance Delivery

Folks have been asking us to develop a line that will give them more distance and offer more control once the line is on the water – and we’ve been listening.

We stretched and tweaked DNA from the popular Scandi Compact until we had a line that would load like the shorter Scandi but with additional length to allow users to form a deeper ‘D’ or ‘V’ Loop and cast farther than ever before.

Designed to take advantage of modern two-handed rods that generate higher line speeds, these heads are perfect for surface and near-surface presentation, and will even turn over sinking Polyleaders when fish aren’t feeding up top. With the new Scandi Long, the opposite bank is now part of the playing field.

  • Taper: Powerful Delivery
  • Core: Power Core
  • Range: ST7/8 – ST8/9
  • Coating: Ultra-Supple PolyFuse XT
Head wt Rod wt Head Front Taper Belly Rear Taper Loop Colour
450gr 6/7 36 21 13 2 Tan
480gr 7/8 38 22 14 2 Yellow
510gr 7/8 40.5 24 14.5 2 Pink
540gr 8/9 41 24 15 2 Orange
570gr 8/9 42.5 25 15 2 Light Green
600gr 8/9 44 26 15.5 2 Dark Green
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