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Dr Slick Scissor Clamps

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A good pair of hemostats is essential in fly fishing and the Dr Slick Scissor Clamps are on of the best.  Add a scissor to this tool and it even gets better.

The Dr. Slick Mitten Scissors fit nicely in your palm, easily crimp down barbs on streamers and big dries, and include a cutting edge in the crux of the jaws. Use them in cold weather when gloves make standard clamps a hassle.

From Dr. Slick

Same basic concept as the mitten clamps, but with a serrated scissor mounted behind the jaws. This addition allows for cutting tippet/leader material, trimming flies streamside or opening that pesky bag of jerky. Comes spring-loaded, and with wrist lanyard attached.

Half Smooth and Half Cross-Hatch Jaw Structure
Available in Straight Jaw Only
Pin-In Jaw
Wrist Lanyard Included

If you're angling in salt water, consider using the black oxidized or prism finished clamps which provide an extra layer of protection.  For clamp longevity in salt water, rinse your clamps in fresh water and apply a little oil.

Match the clamp to the size of the flies you're using.  Generally, the shorter the clamp the smaller and lighter the jaws, and  the longer the clamp the larger and heavier the jaws.  A 4-inch clamp will struggle crushing a barb on a #4 streamer and a 6-inch clamp will be too large for removing a #22 midge cluster from a fish.
All clamps are made from 410 Japanese stainless steel with a Rockwell hardness of 42.

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