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Bauer RX

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Bauer Fly Reels


The RX is an excellent choice for any one of our fisheries. For local trout on Westside lakes and Eastside meccas, go with the RX 2. The RX 3 is the next size up, and that's the one you'll want for Puget Sound sea-runs and pink salmon. Moving up the line, the RX 5 will line up with a WF8F line for steelies and coho, and it will also double as a dry-line summer spey reel with a 7-weight outfit. Go for the RX 6 for a winter spey reel.

A sleek update to the highly successful Rogue model, the Bauer RX fly reel combines top-notch performance with machined elegance. It's a great choice for any outing.




The Bauer RX is built on the same proven technology of previous reels, but updated with a more durable seal, smoother operation, less weight and more drag in the 5, 6, and 7 models for big, strong fish. In addition to all these tweaks, we love our RXs because they have a clean, minimalist look that compliments the "less is more" aesthetic of contemporary fly rods. The large, detented drag knob is easy to adjust when you need it, and it's sized perfectly to find when you're in a hurry.







From Bauer


BAUER introduces the new RX, the next generation Rogue. Built on a completely new platform, it features an open contemporary aesthetic, bringing back the teardrop design from the classic MXP and LOHR series.


The RX series is based on two different packages and is available in seven sizes to accommodate 2 wt. through 14 wt. lines. Light weight RX 1, 2, 3 & 4 reels feature improved seals, reduced weight and quicker line retrieval than their predecessors. Larger RX 5, 6 & 7 reels incorporate multiple carbon fiber discs, generating double the drag of the previous Rogue. They are also stronger in structure, sealed better, lighter in weight and generate quicker line retrieval. The RX delivers silky smooth performance at all settings and in all conditions; cold or hot, wet or dry.


Designed, manufactured and crafted in Oregon, USA. The new contemporary RX is true high performance elegance.

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