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Maxima Fluorocarbon Spool

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Fluorocarbon has become one the widely accepted leader material for fishing saltwater and steelhead applications.  One of the finest fluorocarbon material is produced by Maxima.  Long renowned for their nylon leader material, Maxima Fluorocarbon is the perfect compliment to that standard material.

Maxima Fluorocarbon Leader Material features a unique fluorocarbon polymer structure that enhances strength and sensitivity. This line offers outstanding hook setting power and is popular for use in both freshwater and saltwater environments. This line features Maxima's legendary tough outer finish for durability, abrasion resistance, and maximum knot strength. Maxima Fluorocarbon Leader Material is great for use as fly fishing leader and tippet material as well as a general leader material for a wide variety of conventional uses. This line disappears under water, making it the perfect choice when a stealthy approach is needed.

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