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Flies For Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout

Author: Skip Morris - Item Code: 978-1-57188-406-0
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Teaches you to tie some great fly patterns for sea-run cutthroats and shows you where and how to fish them. He'll take you from tying the patterns at the vise to walking a beach or wading a river and working them for sea-runs and salmon. Patterns include: the Raccoon, Skip's Sculpin, Glo Bug, Jim Dandy and the Spruce Fly. 120 min.

More Information:
California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, British Columbia- a migratory form of the cutthroat trout haunts beaches, points, creeks and rivers along most of the west coast of North America. Fly-fishers know him as the sea-run cutthroat, a muscular slab of spotted silver that can grow to several pounds. And among the cutthroats may be a big Pacific salmon.

Discover these remarkable fish and the fascinating flies that consistently take them.

Learn to tie:

* the Raccoon
* the Skip's Sculpin
* the Glo Bug
* the Jim Dandy
* the Spruce Fly

Length: 2 hours
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