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Smallmouth Fly Fishing

Author: Tim Holschlag - Item Code: 0-9763876-0-3
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The new smallmouth bible; like 3 books in one! Lake & stream techniques; 40 top flies, including the Hi-Tail Craw, Spider Fly, & Micro Popper; & 100 prime N. American destinations. 200 illus & photos, many in color; 7x11 inches, 326 pgs.

More Information:
A single definitive source on fly fishing for smallmouth bass! Holschlag brings a great depth of knowledge to this large book.

The book is divided into 3 sections: Techniques, Flies & Destinations. The techniques chapters thoroughly cover both stream & lake fishing. The flies section covers 40 top patterns, plus scientifically based fly design concepts. The large destination section describes 100 prime smallmouth destinations across North America.

* 15 chapters of comprehensive instruction

* 40 best smallmouth flies & how to use them

* 100 top smallmouth destinations, with key details & inside tips

After a decade of explosive growth in popularity, smallies are now regarded as premier sportfish by fly fishers. This is the book that thoroughly & clearly covers all aspects of the exciting sport of smallmouth on the fly.

You'll Find:
* Cutting-edge presentations, such as the "Crayfish Hop," "Float-and-Fly", and "Pocket Drop"
* Special chapter on hunting big bronzebacks
* Guide's secrets for beating difficult water conditions
* How to find & catch smallmouth in any size water, from tiny creeks to the Great Lakes
* New, never-before-published fly patterns, including the Hi-Tail Craw, Spider Fly, & Micro Popper
* Nearly 200 photos & illustrations, many in color.

Tim Holschlag, "Mr. Smallmouth", has an unmatchable passion for and knowledge of smallmouth. A long-time smallmouth guide, angling instructor & writer, he has avidly pursued the species for over 40 years, angling for them in 250 different streams. His 1990 book Stream Smallmouth Fishing was a classic on small water smallmouthing. Smallmouth Fly Fishing is sure to become the authoritative work on catching bronzebacks from all types of water.
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