Morris & Chan On Fly Fishing Trout Lakes

Author: Skip Morris & Brian Chan - Item Code: 1-57188-181-6
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All-encompassing guide to fly fishing trout lakes. Combining vast knowledge of fly fishing & tying, entomology, & fish biology. General techniques, reading a lake, cycles of a trout lake, insects watercraft, equip, knots, learning a new lake, safety, & more. Full color, fly plates, illus; 8.5x11 inches, 96 pgs.

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From two of the biggest names in the industry comes this all-encompassing guide to fly fishing trout lakes. Combining their vast knowledge on fly fishing, fly tying, entomology, and aquatic biology, Skip Morris and Brian Chan have created a book full of information for lake fly-fishers of all levels. They share: general techniques; reading a lake; cycles of a trout lake; insects and other trout foods; productive lake flies; casting; watercraft; equipment; knots; trout species; learning a new lake; courtesy and safety; and more. With the teaming of Skip Morris and Brian Chan, you are getting the advice of top experts in the fields of fly fishing, fly tying, entomology, and fish biology. This is your guide for improving and perfecting your skills as a lake fly-fisher.

"While this new publication is another book primarily for the novice fly fisher, it has excellent information on the different insect orders available to trout in our local lakes. The superb photographs of both the natural and the imitating fly, complete with materials used, will benefit even the most experienced fly fisher. The instruction on 'How to', 'When to' and 'Where to' regarding fishing lakes leaves little to be desired." --Gary Cutler, The Kamloops Flyfisher

"Two of the Northwest's best-known and respected fly fishers collaborated on this book that is illustrated with numerous color pictures and black and white drawings. This book is a helpful condensation of knowledge about Northwest lakes, insects, trout feeding habits, techniques for catching trout, fly fishing equipment, flotation devices and fly patterns." --Fenton Roskelly, The Spokesman-Review
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