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Ketchum Release Tool

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Every year we fish the Missouri River with clients on a hosted trip.   The guides we use are some of the most seasoned in the world who spend countless hours on the river.   They catch trout and lots of em!  To release these trout they all use the Ketchum Release Tool.  A good release tool is vital for safely releasing trout and this simple tool does the job.

Great for lakes, the Ketchum Release lets you quickly release fish without even touching them. The sleeve at the end of the tool slides down your leader and snugs up against the bend in the fly, quickly popping it out.

Allows you to retrieve your fly without damage and it allows your hands to stay dry in cold weather.

Choose from 3 sizes based on fly size:

Midge version for hook sizes 20 and smaller
Standard version for medium flies
Big Bug version for large and bulky flies like hoppers and stoneflies

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